Change your Background on Google Meet in Few Steps

Change your Background on Google Meet

Google meet is a very useful and popular tool in the field of meeting chat apps.

Video calls are very useful for meetings but sometimes people are not comfortable with sharing their videos and activities there. That’s why we need to use background on google meet. It is an alternative to Google Hangouts and Google Chat apps. Most of the official video conducting is through video meetings. Google meet is helpful for teammates, and healthcare professionals, sharing with loved ones, and learning from home easier and in any place with a comfort zone. The users who want to join the Google meeting for Education can’t select their own background images for video calls.


Here are some helpful step-by-step guide backgrounds for google meet before and during video calls.

Before the video call.

  • Go to the google meet website and select the meeting.
  • Select the bottom right of the self-view, then click’ change background.
  • Click the ‘blur your background option and select the blur which you want.
  • If you want to change only slightly blur the background then click the slight blur icon.
  • To choose the background that you have already uploaded or suitable for your Google meet, you can select the background from the options.
  • Or, to choose a new image for your background, select the Add option and upload your favorite background image from your device.


After joining the meeting.

We can change the background on google meet after joining the meeting using the same method.

  • Click on the bottom right corner with three vertical dots.
  • For background change scroll up to “Change background”
  • It will show a sidebar menu to change your background during the call.
  • Here are some of the prerequisites to using google meet.
  • If you are using Google meet on an ios device, your iPhone should be 6s or newer, with ios or upgrade.
  • If you are using google meet with Android, your device should be 3GB of Ram, a Minimum of 4 CPU cores, at least 1.6 GHz CPU clock speed, and ARM64 Architecture.
  • If you are using Google meet with Mac then you can easily change the background Chrome” option.
  • If you are using Google meet with Chrome OS, your Chrome version should be M86 to upgrade.
  • If you don’t have Google meet option to change your background then you need to know which version of chrome you are using.


Google meet has become more famous than ever for any other corporate meeting for educational activities. It is a great idea to change your background and hide your privacy in the office, room or bedroom, and any other place which you want to hide from others.

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