Furniture Cushion Cover – History of Rattan Fabrics

Furniture Cushion Cover - History of Rattan Fabrics

Inside the home plan and home materials (HDHT) region, pad covers fall under the home materials grouping. A padded cover is a surface case that covers pads as a pillowcase does. Pad covers work fundamentally as beautification, giving a sensible way to customers to convey individual styles both in the family room and as enhancement in the room. Simultaneously, they are utilized as insurance for pads, since the valid pads are not much the time cleaned or supplanted.


Pad covers serve basically as frivolity for the love seat, relax seat, and bed. They’re not searched for as pad cases for the pads you unwind on.


Pad covers are open in a wide combination of surfaces. Ordinary standard fibers and materials for pad covers integrate cotton, fabric, downy, silk, jute, and cowhide.


Sizes of pad cover shift, matching the ranges of the pads. The most broadly perceived sizes on the European market are:

40 cm x 40 cm

40 cm x 65 cm

45 cm x 45 cm

50 cm x 30 cm

50 cm x 50 cm

65 cm x 65 cm

Various sizes are in like manner possible, dependent upon the objective country. Ask your European buyer what unequivocal sizes they could look for before all else periods of composing exertion.


Pad covers show up in a collection of plans, dependent upon their beginning stage and the assigned market piece. Different pad shapes are available in Europe, including round, heart-framed, and barrel formed help pads.
Rattan Home Designing Sailcloth Cotton Box Cushion Sofa Cover One Piece Slipcover, Rest Fit, 100 percent Cotton, Machine Washable. By notable solicitation, a slipcover in a solid Heavyweight 8-ounce Cotton Duck with a harsh, obvious customary surface; sufficiently hazy to cover faint colors or planned decorations, Heavyweight Cotton Duck incorporates a straight fountain skirt and finishing nuances including ride topstitching at arms and ties. Fits most Sofas 74″- 96″ when assessed across furniture outside arm to arm. Made with 100% cotton. Safeguarded one-piece plan with relaxed straight skirt, braced seat flexible and mobile ties. Machine washes freely in cold water on a fragile cycle and tumble dry low. Make an effort not to use blur. Make an effort not to press.

Simple to Wash

Totally machine launderable for fundamental thought. Take your cover off in several minutes and pop it into the wash and a while later tumble dry.

Corner Ties

Impeccable corner attaches help with ensuring a new, secure fit and can be coordinated with circles or stops dressy arrangement thrive.

Premium Protection

Strong duck cotton goes against endlessly tears while defending the endeavor you made in your furniture into the endless future.

Spill and Mess Resistant

Guard against everyday mileage, including spills, youngsters, pets and food stains with an extreme, persevering through slipcover.

Why Buy a Slipcover?

Moment slipcovers are a fast and smart technique for shielding your goods and refreshing your home elaborate design with new tones and surfaces to impart your personality.

The Rattan Solution

At Rattan, we envisioned the slipcover business more than 100 years earlier and compliment a rich history of improving for the state of the art home. Our styles are imitated, but simultaneously will not at any point duplicate.

Furniture Styles We Fit

Our arrangement bunch has made slipcovers with super-versatile shape and structure decisions – including fitted box pads, back pads, and T-pads for a specially crafted appearance.

Tried and Trusted Fabric

Everything starts with great surfaces. Our normal assortment of twill, material, piqué, excessive, jacquard, and planning prints and tests continues to fill in new headings.

History of Rattan Fabric

First viewed as shrouded with pharaohs in old Egypt, wicker is an out of date craftsmanship that uses crude parts at first created for receptacle twisting around. Subsequently, the Romans were propelled by Egyptian woven decorations, and took on wicker as their own strategy, spreading the style across their space.

Speedy forward to the seventeenth 100 years in Northern Europe – and wicker began to appear like it does today.

Throughout the next forever and a day, the climb of trade with Asia conveyed rattan westward, introducing a more grounded material that fit wicker work. This style of rattan furniture pad cover in a little while spread across the British Empire, from India toward the West Indies, and to England itself, where it was connected with a safely developed exoticism that captivated the Victorians.

It is envisioned that rattan entered America through pioneers who conveyed wicker and holder seats with them. Paul Frankl was one of the vitally amazing style planners to show rattan the current thought, breaking the show by carrying wicker into the parlor region and intermixing with upholstered furniture.

As most of us certainly know, the 1960s and ’70s saw a gigantic appreciation for rattan. Once more after a period where Victorian style expressive design clearly was unreasonably current, this time saw a resurgence of extravagant wicker products, which achieved a Renaissance of sorts as the greatness of wicker furniture was esteemed and welcomed inside the home.

Plan and style images, for instance, Gabriella Crespi and Marella Agnelli hang out in clouding the lines between the haute normal inclination for exorbitant cosmopolitan complex subjects and the guidelines of current arrangement. A consistently misinterpreted make, their bamboo and rattan breathed new live into plans were confined, handcrafted, and claim to fame – and expected for created, current people with high taste.

Gabriella Crespi’s own life reasonably reflects that of her main medium: normally acquainted with advantaged, Crespi was reliably seen fraternizing with distinction and whiz something similar and counted Audrey. furthermore, in the last piece of the ’80s she halted undertakings and moved to India for a totally broadened time in an excursion for a more significant import for presence.

Today before long, we are seeing a wicker rebuilding – and something tells us it’s putting down profound roots. Our new Saronno combination is normal as our counted one socialite; separate both the allure and cleanness of a pedigreed Grande woman, and the significant soul of an invigorated and gifted mind. Going from rockers and stools, to nightstands and dressers, the arrangement is amazing and upscale, pure and elaborate: an optimal blend of force and slyness.

Hot Selling Products of Rattan

  1. The Range Pair Natural Rattan BasketWeave
  2. Outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa Table Chair Cover
  3. Rattan Garden Chairs | Patio Furniture
  4. Rattan Sofa Cover, Dark Gray Cushion
  5. Garden Outdoor Rattan Furniture Bistro
  6. Removable Cushion Rattan Rocking Chair

The Range Pair Natural Rattan BasketWeave

Light up your home with these awesome Basketweave Cushion covers. The thick woven surface with screw up model will add a certified significance and surface to your home expressive design. Rattan Hessian pads featuring a completed weave influence, this square pad cover consolidates a zip joining. Proper for Lounge, focus, room Single cover – Suitable for a 45cm x 45cm enhancement. Normal pad cover – Similar to Rattan and Hessian with tangle influence plan on the different sides. Latte with Natural directing/Natural with Latte piping. Highlight a consummation weave impact, the square Stone cast a shadow over pad cover coordinate a zip security

Outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa Table Chair Cover

The cover will shield your furniture from unforgiving environment, not at all like various covers which disregard to protect the yard set long stretch, keeping your. With an easy to wash material and tear impediment, you understand you’re getting inconceivable worth with this genuine thing. Our nursery furniture cover will keep your external furniture clean,dry and long-life. The l shaped garden furniture cover is easy to clean,just flush with water, then, dry with a dry towel.

Rattan Garden Chairs | Patio Furniture

Experience outrageous comfort and loosening up with the Harrier Double Egg Chair. Each lavishness seat has been created from magnificent HDPE rattan/wicker for overhauled strength. Ideal for the nursery, yard or inside, the swinging egg seat is an astonishing development to any set-up. Going with extra thick pads included, the nursery egg seat is a principal for your home.

Rattan Sofa Cover, Dark Gray Cushion

Do you truly maintain that a general lounge chair should fulfill all your ordinary prerequisites? Given that this is valid, you can have an endeavor of our Outdoor Rattan Sofa Combination Four-piece. It’s worked from strong blended steel packaging and business grade hand woven environment safe PE rattan won’t rust or obscure. This contemporary external sectional sofa goes with thick raised wipe padded water safe pads, wide and significant seats will give sufficient room to effortlessly arrange. What do you defer for? Rush and present a solicitation!

Garden Outdoor Rattan Furniture Bistro

Outsunny 3pcs furniture set astonishing as a conversation set for any yard, deck, sunroom, or nursery, our Outsunny rattan nightstand and seats will make a commendable point of convergence in any setting. Created utilizing PE wicker rattan, this set is UV safe, water safe, and is absolutely strong. These lightweight seats and tables are really portable and simple to store as the seasons go this way and that.

Removable Cushion Rattan Rocking Chair

You will get a seat pad with unparalleled non-abrasiveness and comfort that you will esteem. Experience the qualification of a seat pad that goes ordinary.

Short Velvet Texture:

On the exterior of the Cushion, we use extraordinary fragile and warm surface, which is sensitive to the touch and more pleasant when used close to the body. Cotton, which is sensitive and flexible, pleasing and breathable, and shields your hips from sitting for a really long time without shortcoming.

Flexible Obsession:

Surprising arrangement with flexible lash, Can determinedly fix the pad, Beautiful And practical, the wonderful pad is unmistakably appropriate for improving your room.

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