How to get Dark mode enabled in snapchat

How to get Dark mode enabled in snapchat

These days many Application software companies are introducing chat apps but if we talk about “Snapchat” This application is one of the best chat apps trending due to its features and icons. By using chat apps mostly people want to enable dark mode while using and chatting from apps.

Because most people use chat apps at night while using the white mode and any kind of beam light they feel uncomfortable. That’s why most software companies are introducing dark mode in chat apps.

We are going to share tricks and settings to activate dark mode in android & ios apps while using Snapchat. Because Snapchat is a popular chat application and vast amounts of people around the world use this application. The dark mode was introduced for apps in the peak year 2019.

While using the Snapchat app on iPhone there are many options to enable the dark mode theme. The dark mode setting is missing on the Android apps. Most Android users have long been waiting for how to enable dark mode on Android apps. We are going to share the settings on how to enable dark mode themes in Snapchat on your Android cell phone.

What is Dark mode in Applications?

Dark Mode is an alternative name, ( Night Mode) is a setting where the colors of apps turn darker in the landscape. It is the display setting of the iPhone. Most people use this at night and another condition is when people are ready to go to sleep in a bed and want to use android apps with less amount of light. The bright light sometimes is comfortable for the eyes. It can cause weak eyesight and headaches. That’s why the use of the dark mode is helpful, healthy, and safe for eyesight by using android at night.  Unfortunately, most of the apps do not offer night mode on the Android iPhone.

  • Dark Mode Enabled in Snapchat on your IOS Devices:
  • Tap the icon Bitmoji at the top-left corner to open your Snapchat profile.
  • Press the Setting gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen, from the profile page.
  • Go to “My Account” Settings, then tap “App Appearance” to view the options to change the Snapchat theme.
  • Select “App Appearance” and choose the setting “Always Dark” to enable dark mode on Snapchat from your Android iPhone.

We have successfully enabled dark mode for our IOS devices ( iPhones, iPad ) using these easy steps. Now we are using Snapchat in dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode Snapchat on Any Android Devices:

In most Android apps, Snapchat doesn’t have an official dark mode setting. When will Snapchat officially announce dark theme enable settings in Android iPhone then we will update this section soon.

Now we are going to share the closet option right now activating the dark mode with “forced systemwide”. It is not the perfect method, but it is better to use an alternative mode of dark theme to activate the current Latina blinding light mode on the Android app.

We are going to share a trick, so in case you are interested, enabling dark mode on Android from using Snapchat.

  • Go, Setting App and Press “About phone” Until you find the “Build Number”, keep scrolling down and tap it seven times. You will find enabled developer mode on your Android App.
  • Go back to the Settings, then select the “System” and choose the developer option.
  • Enable the “Override Force Dark” and you will successfully enable force dark mode on your device. But it is not a perfect method to enable dark mode on your device which does not support Dark themes.


We have successfully enabled dark mode using these tricks on our Android devices ( Smartphones, Tablets ). Android didn’t support Snapchat dark mode. These are the trick steps to enable dark mode on Android devices.

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