How to Recall an Email in Gmail?

Gmail is a great way to stay connected with the world via the internet. You can send and receive pretty much anything, may it be an official, work-related message or the pictures of your latest adventures that you want to share with loved ones. This awesome service from Google is one of the most widely used email services in the world, reaching at least a billion users worldwide.

Although emails are a great way to communicate, there are times when you might regret sending one to someone. It could be an angry message that was not supposed to be sent, or was meant for someone else but reached the wrong person. It could be that you wanted to send a project file or an assignment but forgot to attach a file. There could be many reasons that might make you wonder how to recall an email in Gmail. To be honest, there is no way that you can recall an email in Gmail, but the service does provide a nifty undo feature that can “recall” a sent email within a specific time period. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

How to recall a sent email in Gmail with Undo Send

Undo email on Gmail

After sending your email, you will see a “Message sent” at the bottom left corner with two options, “Undo” and “View Message”.


Click Undo. 

Yeah, it is that simple. But be careful as this option appears for a limited period of time. But you can extend that period by following the steps below.

Choosing Undo time period

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Click the Settings option. It is situated on the top right.
  • In the Settings, click See all settings 
  • In the General section, you will see the “Undo Send” option. Here you can select the cancellation or undo period which has 4 options, 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds.


After selecting the time period, click Save Changes. Now you can retract an email in Gmail.

Like I said before, it is very easy to undo to cancel your sent message on Gmail, you just have to be quick about it. This way you can easily recall an email in Gmail and no one will notice what even happened.

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