How to remove yourself from a group text iphone?

We are talking about a famous and well-known brand Apple. Everyone knows and loved Apple. Apple is a brand not just a company. Apple is known for its high-technology devices ( iPhone, iPads, iPods, and Macbooks ). The people who want to use high speed and secure OS in mobiles. They prefer Apple for their usage. In business circles, businessmen and businesswomen use Apple devices, mostly Apple laptops ( Macbooks ). 

How to Leave a Group Text

People search to remove themselves from a group text on their iPhone. Just like ( How do I remove myself from a group text, How to leave a group text ). Here is the guide and easy steps to remove yourself from group text. Just go through these steps and you will remove yourself from annoying and irritating group texts. You will not receive text messages from those groups that you will stop or remove yourself. 

You can use these steps to remove yourself from a group text in iPhone’s latest version IOS 12 or the older version IOS 11.

  1. Unlock your iPhone and open the Message app and go to that place where group texts are placed.
  2. Open the group text, and find that group you want to remove yourself.
  3. Tap the group to open it.
  4. Tap the conversation top section and tap ” i “. A group detail screen appears.
  5. Find the ” Leave this Conversation ” button to remove yourself from the group text.
  6. You can also remove yourself by just swiping left the name and tapping remove.

You just successfully removed yourself from the group text and you will no longer receive annoying and irritating messages and notifications from the removed group in the future.

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