Samsung Galaxy S21 review

Samsung Galaxy S21 review

Although the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been introduced, the Samsung Galaxy S21 still retains its significance. If you still want to sell or buy the Samsung Galaxy S21, this is still a good decision. Like the flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy series has everything. Samsung has added as much to the Galaxy S21 as you can upgrade. At the time of launch, the Galaxy s20 got 200$ cheaper Android phone. What could be better and more beneficial than this?

The mah4000 battery is a nice upgrade with the Galaxy S21 with all three rear cameras and a 6.2-inch display. The new color scheme camera module with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 is the big change it is with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Now we are going to share some features and reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Display
  • Camera
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Price & Release Date

Display Review Samsung Galaxy S21:

The Galaxy S21 has more displays than the S20. Its upgraded display is a 6.2inch AMOLED display. You no longer have to choose between 60Hz running QHD and 120hz Running resolution. This is done with galaxy s20. But galaxy s21 tops in 1080 HD resolution. It may seem more complicated, but it removes the restrictions. The 60 Hz display on it can be easily set. If you want to maximize battery usage or if you feel a little scared you can leave it with a dynamic refresh rate when scrolling through web pages. Which works with s21 from 120 Hz to 48 Hz. You don’t have to feel it when scrolling, it’s not an upgrade. But you can enjoy it more using s21. Examining the screen, the Galaxy S21 delivers 0.29% Delta-E,77.4% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, and 109.2% sRGB. The current Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and iPhone 12 outperform the s21 in terms of coverage and color accuracy. Therefore, the display of the Samsung GalaxyS21 is outstanding in terms of performance. 

You can get contrast and color piles by keeping them in video mode. Samsung has long been offering the best display on the Galaxy S phone. The Galaxy S21 has a great display for ogling pictures, playing games, and watching videos and movies.

Camera Review Samsung Galaxy S21:

The Galaxy S21’s camera is exactly like the Galaxy S20’s in terms of hardware. Equipped with various features with a triple camera. Like 12MP ultra-wide lens,12MP wide-angle lens,30X space zoom with 3X hybrid optical zoom, and 64 MP telephoto. But Samsung is pushing Google to adhere to computational photography upgrades to improve all three back cameras. Mostly it is used for galaxy s21. Now with the launch of the Galaxy S22, Samsung has announced that it will also bring a camera phone feature to the S21. For example, a telephoto lens is used for night 

details. The color of the image of S21 is full of detail. The S21’s camera shows better results in natural light. The Galaxy S21 covers a lot of points while creating the front video. It can capture up to 8 k on 24fps. It gives you great results while recording high-resolution videos. You can use it to record videos 1080P on 120 fps. Using it you can use the front and rear cameras at the same time. Live thumbnails can be viewed with the help of these cameras.

Performance Review Samsung Galaxy S21:

The Galaxy S21 with the latest chip snapdragon is found in the US. Used to increase GPU speeds by more than 35%, and increase CPU performance by 20% with an A1 performance increase. Although S21 can do a lot with 8 GB, even if 12 GB is not supported. When the opportunity arose to test the Galaxy S21 with the Exynos 2100 version, in a way it was a huge improvement over the previous versions. The Exynos was lagging behind in some areas, especially compared to Qualcomm-powered phones.

Design Review Samsung Galaxy S21:

The S20 was considered the best phone of the year 2020 in terms of design. As the overall shape of the tool changes, so do the material and colors used. The Galaxy S21 is considered to be a smaller phone with a 6.2-inch HD + AM AMOLED display. But this is not a trim like the iPhone 12. It will not be a problem for those who have small hands. The Galaxy S21 has been launched in four colors Violet, Pink, White, and Gray. The camera array of the Galaxy S21 is built differently from any other phone. This is called a contour cut camera by Samsung. It looks thinner than the Galaxy S20 and it doesn’t even notice the rear. Charming screens on the left and right edges of the screen that Samsung has been using for many generations. The same pattern has been adopted with the Galaxy S21. Overall the Samsung Galaxy S21 can be felt like a premium device.

Battery Life Samsung Galaxy S21:

The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is commendable. However, this is not a significant change compared to the S20. Because some people with Exynos 2100 chipset must have been assured by the company. The phone works quite comfortably all day but when the GPS signal and various features are activated for use, the battery will run out as it consumes more. The Galaxy S21 is easy to recharge via USB-C using 25W charging tech. It is also compatible with Qi wireless charging.

One thing missing in this is the 45W charging capacity used in the S20.

But the phone is better with Samsung 25W and capacity charging because 45W charging has not been more beneficial.

If you are buying a new Samsung, you should have an existing USB-C charger that works fine. Because Samsung is not offering a charger with its new phone. This is an attempt to reduce e-waste by imitating Apple.

It is important to be aware of this because Samsung’s chargers are quite expensive. It costs 19$ in the US.

Releasing Date & Price Samsung Galaxy S21:

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S21 was set for Friday, January 29, 2021. This included the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. You can easily buy a smartphone in all these countries through retailers, carriers, and various franchises. The Samsung Galaxy S21 was officially unveiled on January 14, 2021. At launch, it was priced lower than the S20. Price of the Galaxy S21 version with 8GB RAM and128GB storage starts at $799 / £769 / AU$1,249. Price of 256GB and 8GB RAM is $849 / £819 / AU$1,349. These prices were set at the time of launch, but some stores are now selling them at a lower price.

You will no longer be able to buy 4G smartphones. Because all the phones introduced by Samsung, including the Galaxy S21, support 5G in 2021.



The honor of being the smallest smartphone compared to the Galaxy S21 goes to the iPhone Mini 12. But for those who don’t like to have a big smartphone in their pocket, Samsung Galaxy S21 is a good choice.

Compared to Android, the phone is much smaller, while its 6.2-inch screen looks bigger. But the performance of the Galaxy S21 is exceptionally good which can be used for multiple tasks at the same time.

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